Which one should you choose : ASP or PHP ?

Once building websites, ASP and PHP are incredibly popular languages.

Both ASP and PHP are different languages used to make dynamic websites that can communicate with databases and exchange information. ASP (Active Machine Pages) is from MS and can be used with IIS (Internet Information Server) that runs on Microsoft Machines. PHP (Personal Home Pages) is from Rasmus Lerdorf, who formerly designed this parsing language which was later modified by different people. It runs on Unix and Linux machines and it also possesses an NT server version.

There are countless dissimilarities between ASP and PHP, let us see:


To run ASP programs one needs IIS attached to a Windows platform server, which is not free. PHP programs run on Apache, which is free. Even the connectivity of the database is expensive in the case of OR NET as MS-SQL is a product of Microsoft that needs to be purchased. PHP generally uses MySQL, which is freely available.


Whenever we compare the speed of OR NET and PHP then PHP has an upper side. PHP code runs faster than ASP. ASP is built on COM primarily based architecture, which is an overhead for the machine whereas PHP code works in its own storage area.

Platform Compatibility:

PHP programs can run on various platforms like Linux, Unix, Windows and Solaris while ASP is mainly associated with Windows platforms. Even so, ASP can run on a Linux platform with ASP-Apache installed on the server.
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Additional Costs:

Lots of the tools used in PHP have a time of cost and since PHP is open source a whole lot of code can be found in free message boards. PHP has inbuilt features like FTP, email from a web page or even encryption mechanisms but also in ASP such features aren't built in and some additional components are required. Therefore an additional expense is incurred for such components.

Base Language:

PHP will be based upon C++ language and the syntax used in PHP is quite similar to C/C++. C/C++ is still considered the best coding language by many developers and those who love this language would surely feel more comfortable with the syntax of PHP. ASP, on the other hand, has a more Visual Basic kind of syntax that again is closely related to Ms products. So, it will depend on a person-to-person which terminology he or she is comfortable

Database Connectivity:

PHP, being extremely flexible, can hook up to several databases, the most popular being MySQL. ASP mainly uses MS-SQL.


Both languages get their advantages specific to users. Some would state that both languages have their own importance and with regards to the user's requirements the language and the system can be chosen. In the event we speak about developing a discussion board then OR NET is equally capable most feel the best dialogue boards are developed in PHP. In the event that a user is looking for some e-commerce application development then many would call ASP a great choice. This does indeed not mean that PHP cannot provide e-commerce alternatives, only that many people choose ASP.

From my perspective, PHP is way better and convenient than ASP :)

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