Learn basic regex for Linux in 2 minutes

re  :  strings in which
^a : a is the beginning char
a$ : a is the end char
a? : 0 or 1 a
a+ : 1 or more a
a* : 0 or more a
^a : doesn't contains a
. : matches any character
{3,5} : range of 3 to 5
[abcf] : matches any one of a,b,c or f
[[:space:]] : matches spaces
[[:space:]]{4,} : matches 4 or more spaces
[a-z] : a to z
[a-zA-Z] :  a to z and A to Zd : any digit
s : space
w : any alphabetw+(.ab)w+(53) : grouping (.ab) into group 1 and (53) into group 2, use them using \1,\2

Exercises:1. ab(cd)ef to abcdef
 rename -f 's/\([a-zA-Z0-9]+\)//g' *2. ab_cde_f to ab cde f
 rename -f 's/_/ /g' *3. 0abcde to abcde
 rename -f 's/(0)+([0-9a-zA-Z-.]+)/$2/g' *4. a.enbc to a bc
 rename -f  's/\.en/ /g' *5. a-bcdef to a bcdef
 rename -f  's/-/ /g' *6. AbcDeF to abcdef
 rename -f  'y/A-Z/a-z/' *

Some basic linux hacks

#Sharing files on local server: sender:target dir$ python3 -m http.server port receiver$ wget -r sender_ip:port/{name of file or folder}
sender:target dir$ tar -cz . | nc -q 10 -l -p 45454 receiver$ nc -w 10 $REMOTE_HOST 45454 | tar -xz
#Pushing  a local GIT repository to remote #Pulling a GIT remote repository: #To download an EDX course: 1. Download edx-dl from 2. Now browse to downloaded dir and type:sudo python install 3. Now authenticate (your credentials will be protected as per author of edx-dl):edx-dl -u --list-courses 4. Now use link of one of the course links from output of previous command:edx-dl -u link
#To rename files in all subdir recursively changing name1 in filename to name2:find . -type f -exec rename 's/name1/name2/g' *.vtt '{}' \;
#To rename files, appending it's parent name before it's filename:for file in */*/*; do         l1="${fi…

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Simplest way to recover deleted files.

Retrieving deleted files must be easy, and it is when you use Windows Recycle Bin or Mac's Trash. But what if you might have emptied the Recycle bin or Trash can? Or even worse, what if the Recycle Trash can have never been empowered on your system?

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How secure are these so called CGI Proxy Sites?

Everybody now these days is concerned with protecting their personal information from spying eyes on the web. While using continuing increase circumstances of stealing personal web identities, many people have been misdirected about what information needs to be hidden online and the simplest way to achieve a more secure Internet environment. One of the most frequent ideas is the fact when you start using CGI proxy server sites the security level increases.

CGI Proxy sites work by very quickly and effectively relaying web page request for users to websites and back. The CGI Server proxy script relays your information without ever revealing exactly who you are. So that you are anonymous to the site you are visiting. This kind of is done in a nearly seamless manner with the person only seeing a tiny advertising bar on top of the page. This kind of information is going in both directions with the site server talking to the server hosting the CGI proxy site. The website server would not kno…

5 BackEnd Flaws a developer should avoid.

1. Input Checking
Constantly check user input to make certain it is what you expected. Ensure it will not contain characters or other data which may be treated in a special way because of your program or any programs called by your program. This often involves checking for character types such as quotes and checking for unusual type characters such as non-alphanumeric characters where a textual content string is expected. Typically, they are a sign of an attack of some kind being attempted.

2. Range Checking
Always check the ranges when copying data, allocating memory or executing any procedure which could potentially overflow. Some encoding languages provide range-checked port access (such as the std:: vector:: at() in C++, but many computer programmers insist on using the unchecked array index [] notation. In addition, the use of functions such as strcpy() should be avoided in preference to strncpy(), that allows you to specify the maximum volume of characters to copy. Similar versions…

How secure are our online payments?

The seamless world of the Internet has broken wide open the physical barriers that existed across regions on the Globe. Today, subsequently, you could be sitting down in Munich and purchasing goodies from Seoul. Extremely convenient, and thrilling. On the other hand, when you pay for your goodies and shipping your Credit Card, are you sure, you are paying simply for what you paid for? It’s likely your Credit Card Information traverses through the alien territory into the wrong pair of hands. The end result, the next morning hours, you will find your money eroded or purged? Not just a situation that almost all of us can afford or enjoy.

Exactly how then transact on the Net and yet safeguard our hard earned monies from those Electronic pirates? The answer is relatively simple. Every time you choose to buy product or services through websites, before entering your Credit Credit card and other personal information look for facts on whether the payment portal is secured. Informed customers …