How to create partitions in Windows and Mac

Well partitioning your drive makes your drive serve multiple purposes like backup , recovery and storage etc. Atleast I don't know how many drives I might have bought if partitioning wasn't available  at all :p . Backup your drive data before proceeding further , Lets get started .


1. open spotlight (CMD+space) , type "Disk Utility" and open it.
2. click on your drive in the left sidebar.
3. if partition button has been greyed out then you will have to erase your drive. Preferably you can format it in exFAT if you wish to use it across Windows and Mac and in HFS+ if you don't like Windows and their users :p , just kidding ! use HFS+ if you need to make time machine backup, and don't use MBR , select GUID.
4. now click on partition, depending on your OS_X version , you might be able to see a different interface but I'll go with the general method. Click on "+" at the bottom. Come on ! find it already , that ain't too hard .
5. now select the amount of space you need for the 1st partition , give it some name , how about PRON? Now select the Filesystem you wish to have and click on create.
6. similarly you can make as many partitions as you wish.


1.  push windows button.
2.  type "create partition" and select the search result that will open up Disk Management.
3.  right click on your drive letter in the list of available drives.
4.  if "extend volume , shrink volume etc." are all greyed out , you will have to format your drive , preferably format it to NTFS (Don't forget to backup your data).
5. now right-click on the graphical view of your drive that's available just below the list of drives, and   
select create shrink volume and select the amount of space you wish to have for the 1st partition , click apply.
6. you may find black part in the graphical repesentation , this is the amount of unallocated memory that we'll be using to create another partition, right-click on black part and select create new partition , fill up your requirement and create that partition.

That's it ! happy now then share the post :)

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