Website automation technologies : PHP and SQLite

You might have decided to automate your site. Now what? In this article are some ideas to help you choose how to automate your site.

A bit of development is going to be necessary if you wish to systemize a site. There are many types of programs that can be used to automate an internet site including JavaScript, PHP, Perl, OR NET, Java and more. Thus, which do you really use? Pertaining to many, it is a personal choice.

I like PHP for programming. PHP is an especially useful and convenient technology since it allows for advanced programming and is straightforward to integrate with web pages. Another plus point of PHP is that the language interfaces very well with SQLite, a well-known type of online database.

Another plus of PHP is the fact it is Open Source Code. The actual code of PHP is available to the population for free, while the source code for products such as .NET are not. Because PHP is open source, there is a huge community of PHP programmers that help the other person with code. This kind of means PHP programmers can rely on the other person by using reusable items of code called functions and classes rather than constantly remake the wheel. This could considerably cut down on development time.
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Overall, PHP is flexible, cheaper than many alternatives, and built around a community. PHP and SQLite are the choices for webmasters trying to automate their websites.

What can PHP and SQLite alone do for me? Just about anything you can imagine. That is the beauty of custom programming. A few ideas of what you can do with a PHP and SQLite driven site include:
-User Forms
-Keyword Associations
-Set User Preferences
-Manage Password Protected Member's Areas
-Lead Follow-up
-Customer Contact
-Content Managing
-Email Notifications
-Scheduled Revisions

The list is constrained only by your creativity. After you have decided to go with  PHP and SQLite, you can either get a custom program created, use a prepackaged version or a blend of both. Many PHP and SQLite programs which come prepackaged are easy to customize and can save you a lot of time and money over starting from the raw earth :)

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