Get a job in a gaming company !

As pleasing , this dream job of every gamer, sounds , it's as much hard to get it .
Well, if you truly desire it then not even the big gaming giants like EA, Ubisoft and Bethesda can stop you from getting your dream job :)

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These are some of the known jobs that some gaming companies offer:

1. Working as a Video Game Clerk : 
Performing at video gaming store or rental place - either permanently or temporarily - has got to be every teenage gamer's dream. In a single place, employees have access to the first games and game systems hot off the market and they are privy to peek inside magazines hot off the press before anyone else. If that wasn't enough, gaming clerks get a discount on what would otherwise be too expensive (games, game systems, and game accessories) to even think about buying. Awesome!

2. Working as a Videogame Tester:
 Before a game hits the industry, it has to go through comprehensive testing and if you think the programmers lurking behind the game test their own material, you better think again. The gaming industry is incredibly delicate about what it creates into the public. In an effort to stay competitive, it must make sure that the game titles it produces work as intended. This is when the testers get into the picture. However, it just isn't easy to become a game tester. Becoming a game tester requires a little inside help but once you're inside, you are going to not only have gained access to games that no person else is aware of, you'll also have a possibility to condition the game into an experience that you and your comrades prefer.

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3. Working as a Designer. Do you have good artistic skills?
 Can you whip away a personality faster than you can say, "I drew that"? If therefore, you may well be able to get a profession designing video games. Today's games exude some of the most beautiful graphics ever seen and if you have a good imagination, are able to use some of the most advanced design software programs available, and can follow instructions, you may see your own art within the next popular video game.

4. Working as a Game Critic:
 The video gaming industry is always looking for good content and if you have a flair for writing mixed with a love for games, you could write for game magazines like Game Informer or you could write content for a highly popular game playing website.

5. Working as a Game Programmer. 
Certainly not a career for everyone, a good game coder is always in demand. As player preferences change and new technology are developed, someone with the right programming skills should be there to fill the gap between what players want, and what the gaming industry can source. Learning to be a game programmer requires comprehensive training in several different development languages - so if you still don't have a clue about what I just said, skip this career and look into some of the other ones.

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The great news about all is this that the gaming industry shows no sign of disappearing in the far future generations or at least that's what I hope. Even colleges are getting in on the gambling craze as they fill up their course books with game programming classes and game design curriculums. Right now there will always be an opportunity so that you can blend your love for games with a steady paycheck so long as you remain dedicated to looking for any such opportunities, and make an effort to stay on top of what's happening in the gaming world. Best of luck :)

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