[FIX] Unable to create partitions in external drive

Well , it turns out that Windows Disk Management sometime doesn't recognises the volume bits of the filesystem and doesn't allows you to create a partition.

Now , first of all if you are unable to partition your drive in Windows then probably the "Create Simple Volume" or "Create Partition " button in Disk Management has been greyed out so we will have to use some 3rd party software for making partitions. I will recommend AOMEI Partition Assistant , download it from here.

Follow the steps and it will be fine :
1. open AOMEI Partition Assistant.
2. right click on your external drive( lets say mine is E:)
3. now select create partition .
4. select NTFS filesystem (Don't get cocky by selecting exFAT)
5. select the amount of space that you are going to allocate to the 1st partition and click create.
6. now select apply in the top left corner of toolbar, it will take some time to process.
7. right click on E: and select create partition and follow the same process as above.

Here you have it ,  piece of cake ! isn't it?
Atleast gets the job done !

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