How to partition External Drive for Mac backup and Windows

Yeah ! I know how frustrated you might have become before you reached this article , trying to transfer files between OS-X and Windows through an external drive.
Well , here's the thing , Mac doesn't recognises the filesystems like exFAT , FAT32 etc (WHEN FORMATTED IN WINDOWS) and Windows doesn't recognises HFS and HFS+ that's required for OS-X time machine backup.

Now , first of all if you are unable to partition your drive in Windows , then read this article .

Prerequisite :

You will need 3rd party NTFS software for your MacBook , I will recommend Paragon NTFS (paid) but you can also use free ones like OSXfuse , NTFS-3G , Mounty etc.

Follow the steps to create your heavenly drive:

1. Create 2 partitions in your external drive in NTFS file system (Don't go rogue by selecting exFAT). The first partition will serve the purpose of storage and transfers across Windows and Mac ,and the second partition will be used by OS-X time machine to create backups. Don't know how to make partitions , learn it here .

2. Now just eject your drive from Windows and plug it in Mac . 

3. Open Spotlight (CMD+space) and open Disk Utility.

4. Select your drive in the left sidebar, you will be able to see the 2 partitions that you formatted in Windows , now select the partition where you want to store your Time-Machine backups and click on erase.

5. Now select Mac OS extended (journaled) , wanna name it "Rishabh" ? Probably not . and click on format.

Wait for sometime and that's it your heavenly drive is created , you can use the first partition to store and transfer data across Windows and Mac , and the second partition for making time machine backups. Feeling satisfied? Then share the post :) 

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