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Top 5 non-torrent websites for free downloading full version games

Searching for the new games all around the internet and ending up with surveys and pranks?  No worries , these 5 sites host games through major storageclouds and their links doesn't contain those frustrating surveys , so you can enjoy peaceful downloading through this sites. Most of these sites update the latest game realeases within 1 month , isn't that awesome?  So, here's the list: 1> R.G.Mechanics2> Blackbox3> Skidrow4> IbraSoftwares5> OvaGames SHOW imagesHIDE images

Review of MI Redmi Note 3 : The best budget phone under 15K

Redmi Note 3 : The Game Changer 1. LOOK N FEEL  Xiaomi is no newbie in the smartphone making game, and the Redmi Note 3 is a tribute to the expertise the company has acquired over the years. Moving over the plastic builds from the Redmi Note 2, the Note 3 features a metallic build that grants it a nice heft and leaves no stone unturned in hiding away the true price of the device. No way you can say this is a cheap device, because it certainly does not look cheap.
On the face of it, the Redmi Note 3 would appear as a device sporting a metallic unibody build. The marketing materials sure do point to this as they smoothen out and make the back appear to be made of one material. But, the phone is not all metal and glass. The top and bottom ends of the Note 3 are definitely plastic, but the combination of plastic bits to the metallic back that Xiaomi went for does not easily give it away. The main metal body bears a cool, smooth finish; while the plastic has a glossy finish wh…

Install a cool looking mac dock in Linux.

Well there are a number of applications that provide a dock with an awesome looking GUI and widgets.
Some of them are:
1.GLX Cairo Dock: Cairo-Dock is a desktop interface that takes the shape of docks, desklets, panel, etc It is designed to be light, fast and customizable, and is desktop-agnostic. It has a powerful DBus interface, to be controlled from a terminal or another application.
Features can be added by plug-ins or applets, and applets can be written in C or in any language.
Most actions can be done from keyboard. Cairo-Dock is a pretty, fast and customizable desktop interface. You can see it as a good alternative/addition to Unity, Gnome-Shell, Xfce-panel, KDE-panel, etc.

If there ever was something made of pure AWESOME in the history of mankind, then its name is Docky. It is an advanced shortcut bar that sits at the edges of your screen. It provides easy access to some of the files, folders and applications on your computer, displays …