[UPDATE has arrived] NieR: Automata’s FFXV And Dragon Quest Collaboration Weapons

Rectangle Enix today released a brand new trailer for NieR: Automata showcasing some of the fruits of the title's collaboration with a few of the publisher's more popular franchises.

In NeiR Automata, the game's leading part Android 2B will be able to equip Last Fantasy XV (read our review here) hero Noctis's signature weapon, the "Engine Blade" along with the "Cypress Stick" from the Dragon Quest series.

To see these powerful guns in action, check away from the "Iconic Crossover Guns Trailer" below:

NieR: Automata is currently slated to release on the Nintendo Wii 4 on March several, 2017 and will price tag for $59. 99. The game will also be released on Steam early in the coming year, though a concrete release particular date has yet to be confirmed.

What do you think of crossover guns that are making their way to the game? Any kind of iconic weapons from previous Square Enix launches that you'd rather see Android 2B get her hands on when the game launches next Walk? Sound off in the section and let all of us know!

She's damn cute :)

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