How to setup a DC hub in your local network

Having problems while creating a terminal hub or functional problem in Raspberry Pie? No problems just create your own DC hub in your own pc using PtokaX .

What is PtokaX or more specifically PXH?

PtokaX Direct Connect Hub (PXH) is a multi-platform server application for Neo-Modus Direct Connect Peer-To-Peer sharing network.

How to setup the hub in your Local Area Network?
1. Download latest version of PtokaX compactible with your system from this link.
2. Extract it to a folder using 7z archiver .
3. Open PtokaX .
4. Go to settings.    

5. Name your hub , give it a description and put in your IPv4 address that will work as your server address.

6. To find your IPv4 address simply press win+R > type cmd > enter > type ipconfig > enter
    then your IPv4 address will look like :

7. Now your PtokaX settings will look like :

8. Now , save the settings .

9. Click on "Start Hub" and your hub will start on the local area network.

10. Now to connect to your hub , 
 simply open DC++ > Quick Connect > type the server address (that is your ipv4 address) and the peers will be connected.

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