Going to buy a new phone? Must read this.

In this article , I am going to tell you some useful tips while you are going to choose your mobile phone.
I am giving description about every part you need to take care of.

    First comes the processor which is the main host of your phone. Better the processor, more smooth will be the performance. A processor can be dual cored, quad cored or octa cored. Dual core processors have very weak performance. Quad core is a better one and octa core is just a step ahead. An octa cored chipset phone generally runs with 4 cores but when you play high end games , 6 or 8 cores become active and here comes the benefit of an octa-core chipset but now the problem is of heating effect , some manufacturers fail to cope with it and therefore when the users get the all 8 cores active , the phone heats up in no time. Bust most of the manufacturers have dealt with it.
Now when we talk of quality and performance of processor, first comes the exynos which has been recently found in latest samsung S6 series, then comes the most popular one snapdragon . Snapdragon 820 and 810 are good ones and then comes our old friend mediatek which gives lower performance but still the most cheapest one.After all thats comes the cpu frequency , discussing in deep about the frequency is out of the scope of this post, but just understand more the frequency more faster and reliable your phone is . i.e- a 2.0 ghz processor is much better than a 1.2 ghz one.

2. Camera
About camera we don't need to discuss much , you must read expert and user reviews about the camera. An 8 mp camera is just good enough to take some medium quality pics in daylight.
While most of the 13MP and 16MP ones capture high detail pics with a great enrichment of colors. Their low might performance is too good if a nice flash is available.

Here comes the screen. Gorilla glass 3 is the most popular one, its scratch resistant , dust resistant and smudge proof. The lastest one is the Gorilla glass 4. But if your choice doesn't has a gorilla glass then also it isn't such a great problem , you can always put a premium screenguard on it.

4.RAM and GPU
If you are a gamer , these two terms are the  most important ones for you. We are not going to discuss about the basis and working of gpu and RAM. When you install and open an app, it basically loads into RAM and ROM.
There must be atleast about 200-300 mbs of free RAM for your phone to run smoothly so better buy a phone with atleast 2GB of RAM. Most common GPUs are adreno , mali and tegra. Mali is the most popular GPU amd Mali T760 is found in most of the good phones. Tegra is rarely found in some indian phones though it is so good.

If you are going to use your phone just for calling and messaging , this doesn't matters much. But if you are so close to your phone researching whole day at internet , music, gaming , photo shootout etc then its the most important thing for you because nobody wants to charge phone again and again
An ideal battery which would longer until the day's end should be of atleast 3000MAh.

The look and feel of the phone shoulf not be outdated. Now-a-days, Most of the phones come with absolutely new designs.Check if the screen and back of the phone is not a fingerprint magnet otherwise you have to clean it regularly. Its better to have a phone with light or medium weight. The average weight of a 5 in phone should be around 150g.

Most of the manufacturerers have built their own UI on stock google android ROM making tasks simpler and beautiful. So do check the reviews of the UI of your phone.

8.PPI and resolution
PPI means pixel per inch. More the ppi, more sharper and clear the display will be.The maximum screen resolution I have seen was 1440x2560 pixels ~576ppi . But your screen must have minimum resolution of 720x1280 pixels ~294ppi for nice display.

Always check user and expert reviews of all the sites listed in atleast 1st page of google search. Most reliable ones are Digit, TechRadar , phonearena ,NDTV gadgets etc.

I hope it might be helpful for you :)

If you are having any questions comment below.

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